Publications, proposals, and conference papers from the organizational genetics team:



Toward Generalizable Sociomaterial Inquiry: A Computational Approach for Zooming In and Out of Sociomaterial Routines” Gaskin, Berente, Lyytinen, Yoo, 2014, MIS Quarterly

Digital Materiality and the Emergence of an Evolutionary Science of the Artificial” Yoo, 2012, Materiality and Organizing


Funded NSF Proposals:

Multi-level Predictive Analytics and Motif Discovery Across Large Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Networks and in Complex Socio-technical Systems: An Organizational Genetics Approach (2014 NSF Big Data Proposal)

Virtualization of Work Capabilities in Project-Based Design Organizations (Original 2009 NSF Proposal)


Conference Papers

Towards and Open Source Software Development Lifecycle (AOM 2015)

Generative Diffusion of Innovations and Knowledge Networks in Open Source Projects (ICIS 2014)

Big Data & Inductive Theory Development – Towards Computational Grounded Theory? (AMCIS 2014)

Exploring Configurations of Affordances_ The Case of Software Development (AMCIS 2014)

Method-based versus Software-based Design Innovation_ A sequence-analytic simulation (AMCIS 2014)

Aligning Information Processing Capabilities and Gaps in Open Source Software Development (AOM 2014)

Computational Approaches for Analyzing Latent Social Structures in Open Source Organizing (ICIS 2013)

Digital artifacts as institutional attractors: A Systems Biology Perspective on Change in Organizational Routines (2012 IFIP 8.2)

The Effects of Digital Intensity on Combinations of Sequential and Configural Process Variety (ICIS 2012)

Digital Technology and the Variation in Design Routines: A Sequence Analysis of Four Design Processes (ICIS 2011)

Enacted Software Development Routines Based on Waterfall and Agile Software Methods: Socio-Technical Event Sequence Study (DESRIST 2011)

Enacted Design Routines in Agile and Waterfall Processes (AGILE 2011)

Analyzing Complex Design Processes: the Effects of Task Automation and Integration on Process Structure in Microprocessor Design  (EDSS 2011)

The DNA of Design Work: Physical and Digital Materiality in Project-Based Design Organizations (AOM 2010, TIM Best Paper Nominee)

Unbounded Innovation with Digitalization: The Case of the Digital Camera (AOM 2010)

Design DNA: A Methodological Artifact for Sequencing of Sociotechnical Design Patterns