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  • The Evolution of Organizational Routines: We are analyzing the genotypes of routines, and their change over time, to discover what is evolving inside organizational routines. This work extends beyond the macroscopic “phenotype” view that is common to extant literature.


  • Sequential and Configural Variety in Routines: We engage in exploratory theorizing around two different types of variety associated with routines: sequential (temporal order of routines) and configural (differences in the composition of routines), and we explain and test how these are related to process size and digital intensity.


  • A Theoretical perspective on Routine Variety across contexts: We explore configural variety across four design projects at four different firms, and we develop a theory to explain the patterns we find.


  • A set of methodological artifacts for more generalizable sociomaterial inquiry: We set down the development of a set of procedures and tools for analyzing variability across multiple sociomaterial contexts in order to develop more generalizable theories and findings.


  • Co-evolution of web mashups and web APIs: We decode web mashups and web APIs using a set of artificial genes defined based on their characteristics and use phylogenetic research method to analyze how digital artifact evolves in an open system.


  • Generative diffusion of innovations: In the context of open source development, we treat the source code of each project as its gene sequence and by constructing the phylogenetic tree of different projects we analyze how innovations and ideas are diffused among the community.


  • Simulating the evolution of organizational routines: To study how organization routines may evolve in the long run, we design simulation model of organizational routine based on our previous studies and explore different evolution patterns under different constraints such as environmental volatility.