Decoding Organizational DNA

Available Software:

ClustalG –


Excel 2010 –

Visio 2010 –

MetaEdit+ –

R –

R Studio –

TraMine R –

Downloadable Files:

(right click to save )

All files listed below – Everything

Step by step walkthrough – Walkthrough

MetaEdit+ Environment (right click and save as)  – AOMPDWEnv.mxt

MetaEdit+ demo model (right click and save as)  – MetaEditModel.mxm

Process data ready to be parced and analyzed – DemoUnfinished

Process data already parced – DemoFinished

Sequences For ClustalG – MEP4

Dendrogram for MEGA (right click and save as)MEP4.dnd

Visio Notation Template – NotationTemplate.vsd